Find My Way​/​You're There

by Clark & The Community

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****written, arranged, performed and mixed by Clark & The Community****


released December 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Clark & The Community Los Angeles, California

"I am many in one & I just want to know that I'm loved."

- Clark & The Community

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Track Name: Find My Way
[i said]

i'm not your son
i'm not your father
but i am your god
i'm not the one
but please don't run towards heavens gates when love feels odd

please baby don't run
don't run when love is odd

come one baby don't you know i'm here for you?

[he said]

maybe later on in life
i'll find my way back to you

all the glory an the honor back to you

........maybe later on in life
i'll pick up the pieces and break bread with you again
later on in life
i'll confirm my faith in you and we can be lover friends
later on in life

[i said]

i wont be your child or your man again

....maybe later on in life
Track Name: You're There
even is restless times
even in real hard times
even in ugly times
even in crazy times

you're always there
Track Name: Shoes (bonus)
tying my own shoes now
look who's growing up
got a mind, a heart and a body

making my own rules mom
i think i'm growing up
prophesying with a bottle full of alchemy

but the lord keeps touching me

gon head and touch me

he's healing me