the d e v o t i o n demos

by Clark & The Community

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****written, arranged, performed and mixed by Clark & The Community****

LO-FI for the sake of authenticity.

"Is this Soul music? Rhythm and Blues? Jazz? Electronica? Gospel? Avante-Garde? One could argue for all of the above but it seems more fitting that this music from The Devotion Demos remains in its own league. (Glappitnova)

After a close listen to the project, It's pretty clear that this 24
year old, singer/songwriter "rose up and out" of the oh so important roots of the black church. As a result, he left with a newfound faith within himself and "whatever force that keeps this world spinning."

Originally from San Francisco, California, Chris Clark (Clark & The Community) attributes the majority of his growth and inspiration to the streets of Chicago, Illinois. After interning at local studios and indie labels as an off-and-on resident of the city, he moved to New York to pursue a career as a songwriter.

"I did what I thought was the responsible thing because I was tired of being broke. I lived to make music but I never thought my own voice or music would make room for me, so I thought that writing pop songs would secure some sort of future. That was crap and I'll probably never do it again," retorts Chris Clark who goes further into explaining his disdain for commercial music.

While writing and recording references for others, he begin to record his own sketches, rants, and ideas that would later become The Devotion Demos. After walking away and into the illusion of opportunity, he landed in Denver, Colorado where he would re vamp and re discover these pocket-sized recordings.

"I never intended on releasing any of this stuff to anyone. I felt
shitty. I recorded, I felt better and I moved on. I sat
for days and listened to records that inspired me and found myself recording to them. I wrote a lot of poetry in that time and those poems became songs."

The Devotion Demos is a tipping point for Chris, who refers to the
project as his personal confrontation with the past and present. It
was the growing pains and harsh realities that sculpted song titles
such as "O. Blige" and "Naked" which preserve an undercurrent of self destruction and the romanticism of said destruction, while others songs, "Grow Me My Lord" and "Greener" give a glimpse of recovery. He pays homage to these growing pains by taking on the name 'Clark & The Community'.

"I most definitely acknowledge and appreciate the relationship between normality and madness. “The Community” stems from an exaggerated state of mania I was in when I recorded the Devotion Demos. I chose to honor and surrender to the voices in my head, almost like confronting and embracing disorder. I feel as though that relationship can definitely be heard in my music.
Ultimately, The Community” is an ode to the ego and the artist. I’m very temperate in nature but my imagination is pretty loud and abrasive, so allowing myself the room to create through this character(s) was the natural thing to do"

Chris's whereabouts are often unknown but he resurfaces with new music and new stories to share with the world as is, with no apology or forewarning.

"If you're not evolving, you're not living. I have my good/bad days. I even have my great days, but I strive to have a different day with a different joy and or struggle. Stagnation is my biggest nightmare so at the end of it all I am DEVOTED to learning and evolving in life and in death. The closing track (on the project) "Devotion (Evening Song)" makes all of that clear."


released July 18, 2014

all artwork by Clark & The Community



all rights reserved


Clark & The Community Los Angeles, California

"I am many in one & I just want to know that I'm loved."

- Clark & The Community

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Track Name: Yard
i turned the car on
i left my troubles in the backyard
i grabbed that hose
i'll inhale till they let go

i'll be here till you let go

i'm all dressed in white for you lord
i left those jordache jeans in the den of sin where you found me in
i'm coming home to you
oh I'm ready lord

god take care of these bills and the babies.

i turned the car on
she turned the car on

gasoline dreams rescued me once
they're taking me higher
up out of this body (suffocate me)

you only live once
so i left my troubles in the backyard
i grabbed that hose
i'll be here till you let go
even though it hurts sometimes and i don't want to breathe

i'll breathe for you

you only live once

she only lived once
Track Name: O. Blige
in the corners of my mind
lives a woman with a name
a verse and a rhyme

and when she comes out to party
i oblige
she's my love and one and only type of guy

she comforts me whether i'm sober or blowed

whats left for a nigga to know?
she's there when I fold
she never leaves me lonely
what's left for a nigga to know?

she's as real as the pain you feel when you blow

just like rain she came to wet the plane but with the snow

forever my lady

she's my addiction
my affliction
my bitter sweet end

forever i'm lady

we claim trees, love and disease,
white on the leaves
and everyday was much harder
Track Name: Oh Hey
oh hey

you're a monster
a demon
a martyr

and I'll take care of you

stranger from a far
we're no more than the strangers that we are
i would be your animal
god willing you'd care

(i hope you would care for me)

oh hey

don't pass me by
just please don't be a lie

(you don't have to lie to me)
Track Name: Jesus-Daddy
drip down inside of you
anointed oil in between the two of us
come on and touch and agree
the sweet aroma
eternal bliss with my savior
my blessed savior

buddha man
mr. Reverend

come harder
work your root on me

how you look so good
when you fake so good
yo you taste so good
when you pray for me

pressed an tried in the fire
for 4th degree burns
for your safe return

mr. preacher man left me here, a pariah
but I'm over the hurt now that you're covered in dirt

how you look so good
when you fake so good
yo you taste so good
when you prayed for me

he left a legacy of love and gold
2 kids a wife and negroes still don't know about me

i weep not for displaced intervals
your love was false and so atypical

but daddy loves me

i hope heaven saves you a space
i hope heaven saved you a space
Track Name: Naked
sweaty nights in nineveh
violent nights in libya
protect me lord my faith is torn
im in these streets with no armor

naked to the touch and the bullet

thought i was covered in your blood

cover me
Track Name: How Good It Was Pt.1
i haven't seen you in a while i still hope you smile
that grand piano you call a smile
you tried my love once upon a while
how good it was
i haven't seen love in a while
aint slept in a while
i haven't seen my love once upon a while

how good it was
how good it was.........
Track Name: Gruel
lovers leave and wounds are healed
all for love and gruel

tiny moments we've made for days
(when) love slips away

i'll sit here and think of you
going away
Track Name: Lonely One
temptation in your lies
i'll cry for you

but god is in your eyes
i'll smile for you

i'll smile for you

jesus aint my boyfriend
and i aint got no other friends

lonely one i'm here


i come to you bare
my worst intentions for ya

but god is in your eyes
i'll smile for you

i'll smile for you

jesus aint my boyfriend
and i aint got no other friends

lonely one i'm here
Track Name: Grow Me My Lord
grass growing on the trees
looks like fun when I'm on my knees

grow me my lord

big buildings swaying high
look to tall when I'm feeling dry

grow me my lord

i'd rather be a plant than a child.

i don't want to be
a child or a man

i wouldn't want to be the child or the man

don't want to be your child or your man
Track Name: Greener
the grass is greener on the other side
the grass is so much greener on the other side

i receive love and joy
(the other side)
happiness is my choice

when i'm last in line but i made it on time,
the grass is greener on the other side
i may not have mine but i've got the time,
the grass is greener on the other side

in the comfort of a haze
just like a chief that's lead solely by the grace
just like a soul healer who enjoys the pain
just like anointed men who dance for the rain

slow dance for your rain

greener is better
Track Name: Devotion (Evening Song)
i thank you for my socks
i thank you for the chance to change the world before i die
i thank you for the lows
i thank you for the highs
i thank you for the love that carries me when i get high

and everyone shall know that i......

when i pass on i'll leave a legacy of lovely things

good things
when i pass on i'll leave the world with good things
i thank you for good things

i thank you for the love you placed in me

you're the love that i aim to be

and everyone shall know that i......